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Jane Michael Ekanem: What to Wear to the Aquafina Elite Model Look Nigeria 10th Anniversary – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Jane Michael Ekanem: What to Wear to the Aquafina Elite Model Look Nigeria 10th Anniversary


Hello, guys!

Jane Michael Ekanem here, and I’m privileged to give you some ideas that will guide you through your style picks for the biggest modeling event this season; the Aquafina Elite Model Look 2017, 10th Anniversary.

First, we need to apply the three Ws – Who, What and Where

Who in this case refers to your body type, your comfort zone with respect to you being the person wearing the outfit.

What refers to the event and its theme which for this year is Haute Couture.

Where refers to the venue, the terrain and we can throw in the time consideration as well. The Elite Model Look is an evening affair at the Civic Centre Lagos; generally considered an upscale event centre.


The theme Haute Couture brings to focus outfits which in a nutshell are classy, bespoke with attention to detail and made for you; expensive but not so as to break your bank from the likes of Chanel, Jane Michael Collection, Style Temple, Lanre Da Silva, Tubo, Michael Costello and much more.

This goes to indicate it is a high-class evening event and you need to bring your A-game.
Every woman has a unique body type and for the purpose of the event, we can consider how to outfit the petite woman, the tall slender woman, the plus size woman and the woman with ample bust.


The Petite Woman


Petite Woman (1)

High-low dresses are ideal for petite women, giving the illusion of longer legs. Platform heels also, enhance the legs.


The Tall Slender Woman

Tall Slender (1)


She can get away with almost anything, but I mostly advice slender women to aim for an hour-glass look using a body shaper or by the design of the dress.


The Plus size woman

Plus Size

Full-figured women hiding behind peplum styles is so last season. You want to flaunt that figure, so a dress with ruching will give you that advantage. Dark colored pieces are also great for your figure.


The Woman with Ample Bust

Ample Bust (1)

V-necks are advisable because it is attractive in an elegant way as opposed to a round neck, an absolute no for ample bosoms.

Let’s talk about makeup.

As a fashion stylist, I would always suggest subtle makeup as a compliment for a magnificent/theatrical dress and vice versa.

Makeup 2


This rule also applies to your hair; on a personal note, a simple updo and maybe a little messy bun for effect will bring the sophistication to an elegant haute couture piece. A simple straight hair secured at the back is also a good choice, so is a classy turban in lieu of showing hair.

Updo & earring (1)

Accessories are the perfect icing on the cake, so to speak and can do much to define your look. Using minimal accessories is the right way to go for an haute couture dress.

Statement earrings if you must, and you can forgo other jewelry. And If you have interest in sporting a
manicure, I tell you, red and nude nails -tres chic. I would say though that these ideas are subjective, to your personal preferences and the style you are opting for.


Nude nails

Red nails


Thankfully here in the Nigerian fashion and beauty industry, we can boast of a lot of amazing talented stylists, designers, makeup, hair and beauty professionals to help you get your glam on.

The Aquafina Elite Model Look might be about the models, but your style is all about you.




Photocredit: Instagram, Pinterest, Google Images.