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#CelebritySpat: Celebrity Designer Michael Costello & Actress/DJ Chantel Jeffries in Social Media Dispute Over Instagram Credit. – Jane Michael Ekanem
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#CelebritySpat: Celebrity Designer Michael Costello & Actress/DJ Chantel Jeffries in Social Media Dispute Over Instagram Credit.



Just over the past weekend there was an interesting spat between celebrity designer Michael Costello had a pretty interesting spat with model/DJ Chantel Jeffries over her refusal to tag him on a post of her wearing one of his designs, loaned from his showroom. 

The concept of social media credit, is one of courtesy of course, and for many in the industry, it does go a long way to give credit as at when due, because well.. why not? But here is what went down people. 

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The 23-year old DJ posted a photo after an event wearing one of Michael Costello’s pieces but without giving credit  to the designer. He commented on the photo with a simple ‘Nice’, and then reached out to her to request that she tag him as is courteous, especially since she didn’t purchase the dress. Apparently she refused, so the 34-year old designer posted receipts of the conversation where she stated she doesn’t do such publicity for products or items that aren’t gifted.

Umm… really?


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Chantel hit back saying he didn’t simply ask her to tag him, but requested she put up another post – which frankly isn’t too much to ask in my opinion, because errr, do I need to reiterate you didn’t buy the dress? – and proceeded to post his personal contact number resulting  in him having to change his number.

Michael Costello did take down the initial post but put up a post explaining his stance on the issue.



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“Yesterday, I uploaded a photo of a text exchange between me and @ChantelJefferies,” Costello wrote on Instagram, referring to a post that appears to have since been deleted. “The image shows a conversation I had with her, where I confronted her about not crediting me or tagging me on her social media page the past few times she borrowed dresses from my showroom. She claims that because the dress was lended [sic] to her, she will not tag me. If it was given to her as a gift, she might consider it.” 

“If she was under an exclusive contract with an individual designer, why did she even walk into my showroom, asking to borrow a dress?” he asked, then continued to state that  “Whether you are paying for a dress, receiving a dress as a gift or borrowing a dress, you should always remember to give credit where credit is due”

So this begs the question, is it too much for a designer, stylist, or any creative to expect to be accorded due credit for their work, whether or not they were paid for the service? I mean, a lot of effort goes into the work and although it might not be a rule, except in the case of a barter agreement but it definitely goes to show respect for their craft.  A lot of similar disagreements arise in the industry over credits and its entitlements; it is pretty simple. It shows you appreciate their work, value their creativity and you want others to support them, because well… why work with someone you cannot support openly?


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Credit: Instagram.