Beauty Hack: Lipstick Colors That Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter (Watch)



We can all attest to the fact that we are in the era of beauty and so women are doing everything they can to stay beautiful. Makeup and beauty enhancers are one of the ways we accentuate our beauty but goodness, do beauty treatments cost an arm and a leg ?! Makeup hacks are the ultimate way to go these days as you cannot afford to tweak or correct every flaw or you’ll go broke. For women such as myself who love pearly whites but cannot exactly make several trips to the dentist to have laser treatments and have no real patience for the journey of DIY home remedies, there are hacks using your lipstick┬áthat you can use to enhance or give the appearance of super-white teeth.

Watch Jentry Kelley Cosmetics show us which shades of lipstick are a yes and which ones are an absolute no.







Give it a try and tell us if it did work for you!