Holiday Love: You Should Totally Do These Things This Easter



Easter is upon us and of course, it is the short holiday season and for Christians, it is one to reflect upon the selfless nature of Christ. Wondering what to do this Easter?  Here are a few ideas:

1) Easter reminds us of the selfless nature of Christ;  so it’s time to be Christ like and selfless. Think of other, do good things to people that won’t bring profit to you. Visit Old people’s homes, orphanages, hospitals. Bring smiles to the faces of people, show love.

2) Appreciate. You have to appreciate, reflect on those little milestones and be grateful for all you have and that you are. Remember self love, appreciation and gratitude is key. You don’t know what you might be unlocking this season as you appreciate more.


3) Connect with loved ones.Life is a hustle full of bustle. Most times, we are too busy to realize the people and things that really matter. Life is too short, so spend the little time you have with the ones you love. You could host a picnic or a party. You could do surprise a day one friend you haven’t seen in a while, with a surprise visit and gift. Nothing is too little, remember it’s the little things that matter most.



4) Pamper yourself and relax. Come on, you deserve it!  Christ has paid the price already .So spoil yourself with a little treat. Don’t worry “Enjoyment no go kill you” .


5) Go to church. Really, when last did you do that?  Work asides, a little time with God, in his presence won’t hurt you. Get your mind sharpened with the word for the new season. Asides church, you should have your one on one time with God.


All the best this Easter, remember to be selfless this period. Wishing you best of love this easter and remember, stay fabulous!

Photocredit: Google images