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Chisom Nwagba: Love and War (Part 1) – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Chisom Nwagba: Love and War (Part 1)

It was a rainy day. The 5th of August, 2005 has stuck to me like a tattoo.
He told me he was leaving in the morning, his platoon had been deployed to the peace keeping mission in Liberia.
I couldn’t wipe the tears from my eyes, there were a million and one thoughts in my head.
He held me so close as though he wanted to impress a mark of my entire body on his. Trying so hard to console me, he kept apologizing as though he had chosen this assignment. It was his job, how he made a living. 
I understood that but the nostalgia that came every time he was assigned was horrific. It felt like my heart was being ground in a blender and my lungs were filled with water so I couldn’t breathe.
Ani was leaving me, he was going to fight in a war he knew nothing of, for people he had never met. There were no assurances that he’d even come back to me. What about our unborn son, I need him to have a father. In that moment, I sobbed so loudly it sounded like a war in Olympus, like the clouds were about to fall and a thunderstorm was growing. I turned to face him and with tears in my eyes I said, ‘Ani, my love, you have to come back to me. You have to come back to our son. I need you my baby, our baby needs you. I’ll return to Enugu and continue my job as the pharmacist in my father’s private clinic but you must return home to me, my heart and our son’.
In that moment I kissed him, like he was my oxygen and I was gasping for him, like he was my lifeline and he kissed me back like I was his, like we were the only people left in the world at that moment.
I held onto him so tight and we fell asleep.
I woke at 5am the next morning, ran him a bath, woke him and made him two meals. One for breakfast and the other for his trip. When it was time for his departure, I put my brave face on and bid my Ani farewell to Liberia. I looked him straight in the eye and told him ‘I am brave for both of us, I love you and you will come back to me’. Ani shed a manly tear, pulled me in his embrace and said ‘My world, I love you and our unborn child more than life itself. Your bravery and love will keep us and God is with us. I love you Adaora’.
He walked out the door after a kiss that spelt a painfully reluctant goodbye. I fell to my knees, wept and prayed for him to return to me. Would my Ani return? When will he return? Those were the only thoughts i could think…
To be continued….
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Chisom Ada Nwagba is a Pharmacist, blogger and Stylist. You can follow her fashion page on Instagram @stylebyadaforada and join her get with all the fun stuff about fashion and style.