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Weekday Inspiration: First Impressions Are Everythin! – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Weekday Inspiration: First Impressions Are Everythin!


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First impressions matter ; because, sometimes, we don’t even get a chance to make a second impression, so make the first the best because; there might be no second chances. To make a positive first impression, I have put together a 3S that would help you make the best positive impression

  1. SMILE

When I say smile, I mean don’t frown. I am not insinuating you smile sheepishly or desperately at everything .Just ensure your face is relaxed and balance and once in a while, smile. Give your best smile ,you don’t have to look at anyone in particular .Just flash your best smile, believe it ,you’ll attract positive people .Asides that ,truth is , no one would want to talk to anyone wearing  a stern face or a frown. I know as women, we’ve been through a lot but thank God, we don’t look what we’ve been through .So be grateful and keep a relaxed face so you don’t scare your blessings away.



  1. SMART

A’int no woman like a smart woman. Keep yourself informed, be fully aware of what’s happening around you, be up to date. It does not hurt to get yourself schooled if need be. Remember, it is important to be educated as well. If you want to impact lives, you must be impacted enough to give impact to others. No impact without smartness.




  1. STYLE

Style is personal but it should be it should be pleasant as well. Just keep it clean and beautiful. Your clothes and accessories speak volume about you. Also know what style to wear as style varies especially because of occasions, the environment and duties we have to perform.


I hope with this 3S .You would slay your next first impression.



IMAGE CREDITS : ILikeToQuote.com, Pinterest and Google Images.