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#WomenRunTheWorld – Happy International Women’s Day – Jane Michael Ekanem
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#WomenRunTheWorld – Happy International Women’s Day


Women are embodiments of God’s grace and love. Women  protect ,care ,love,  they are known to multitask :work and bring money home, care for the home ,babies and take care of them .These women too have dreams and are sometimes highly ambitious  but unfortunately, things go sore ,and out of cultural, physical and conditional hardship, they quit. Sometimes, the hardships women go through are incredible horrible that we see their physical beauty fade away. Women are believed to be weak , some of them are denied education,  some have to go through child marriage and also painfully without choice watch their girl child go through the same thing. They have been battered, caged ,underestimated ; women have struggled! Despite all these vices, they still stand without weariness and victorious, they still put smiles on people’s faces and they still run the world.


Today, we would celebrate the smiles of people (women) all over the world that selflessly put smiles on other women faces: Philanthropists, humanitarians’ and those who make it their duty to ensure the put smiles on women worldwide. We are also celebrating you, the woman reading this right now.

Happy International women’s day.