Kickass Brows: How To Remedy A Bad Eyebrow Day

3a2368170c1fec00caad9badfddfbc29Well the remedy is.. learn how to outline your brows better. If you have had a bad eyebrow day even once, and some of us have had lots of it ! For some unlucky people, they get to become a theme for hilarious memes but for us regular people here’s this weird look and stare you get from people all the time. You might be really cool and sweet with a fun personality but if your eyebrow game isn’t strong; you don’t look fun. Most beauty divas would say; bad eyebrows, you can’t sit with us.

Of a fact, the basic to every beauty makeup is actually the brows. You might actually blend, contour and highlight properly, but a bad eyebrow, and you spoil everything .The makeup becomes less or not attractive..

If you are a learner, and would love to prefect your brow skill and game; below are links to perfect eyebrow tutorials. Watch, learn and be the brow queen.