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Luxury Gift Ideas For Her This valentine – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Luxury Gift Ideas For Her This valentine


It is less than a week to one of the most anticipated dates of the year, February 14th. And for most couples, this is the time to show love via gifts. First of all, it would be really important to get your partner something that is really needful. E.g If your partner has been complaining about their current laptop, and has been hinting need for a new one , be sure to include that on your valentines gift list . Always remember to take your budget into consideration; very important; but you won’t, mind breaking the bank to show her how much you love her, would you?

If your partner is and has been super reserved, you have might have to coerce the info about what she might want for this valentine. I have hand-picked valentine gifts that would leave your partner screaming and kissing you all day long. Let’s begin.



Com’on ! Com’on!! Com’on!!! Really? Do you still need me to place emphasis on this gift? I would crawI if my partner gets me any of this any these cars: an Audi A3 Cabriolet, Hyundai Grand i10,Maruti Suzuki Ignis,Land Rover Range Rover Evoque…etc.

I am not saying it must be exactly the cars I mentioned. All you need do is to ensure the car you are getting her is something nice, efficient and presentable. Something she did be proud of .Believe me a car is a deal breaker any day .A car does it for me any day, and would definitely do it for your girl as long as it is nice, efficient and presentable.



A HOUSE: It is not too late to gift your partner that dream house of hers or make a payment for her apartment.




 What better way to gift a loyal girlfriend than making up your mind to wife her and be the man of her dreams. A Winston wreath ring won’t hurt nobody .Do something nice, prepare a surprise, and pop the question.




Custom jewellery can be a mark of promise, a remembrance of your love and how much you care. Take her out for a dinner or to somewhere nice, you might decide on homemade dinner cooked by you, dine at the rooftop under the beautiful stars and then in the mid of things, gift her  the jewellery. Make sure it is customized to her taste, significant and original.




Girls never get tired of shoes .Even when we don’t have space for them, we never reject them. 3 to infinity pairs of stylish shoes won’t hurt nobody .I don’t mind getting 15 or a hundred pairs this valentine and neither would any girl. Girls love shoes .We love shoes! We love shoes!!!!!




You could change her wardrobe this valentine.




Gift hampers would be everywhere this season .This is most advisable for guys who would want to gift their lady and are budget conscious. You don’t want your hamper filled with the dumbest stuffs .So your hamper should contain: wine, wineglasses. Chocolate-box, flowers, cards … etc. You can also add a pair of shoes, jewellery, clothing or anything you can afford to the hamper .As I always say, just ensure the quality of anything you buy is a hundred per-cent.



Finally and most importantly, Don’t forget to shower her with love words and kisses .She deserves it, all of it especially if she’s been good and loyal .Wishing you the best of love and gifts this valentine.




Photocredit: Pinterest