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Classic Jewelry Trends For 2017 – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Classic Jewelry Trends For 2017


It’s the weekend and of course, there is always a line-up of events to be at .As it is, weekend is the time to unwind from all workload and you can agree with me that it comes with a lot of celebrations and parties: ranging from partying or dining with friends, love dates, wedding celebrations, birthday celebration, etc.


If you are all about the trend life, fret not because I’ve got you covered .I have carefully selected classic trendy pieces that would make you stand out as the trendy girl that you are. So whatever event you have to go to this weekend, be sure to stand out with these jewel pieces.

Let’s begin.



Chokers are a major choke this season. This trend made waves last year and I hopefully thought it was going to die before the year began but no, it didn’t .Instead major jewelry and accessories companies/factories started producing more of this quality chokers. Besides that, the trendy Kardashians are still into it. If you are not into trends or classy pieces, I am sorry; I can’t help you for now. But, if you are head over heels for classic pieces, I assure you that quality choker is also one to invest in, and I’ll tell you why. I’ll also emphasize the importance of investing in quality chokers .Note the word, quality .Chokers have always been from the 70’s,the 80’s and even the 90’s . So if you are that classic lady, you can wait till the crazy trend is over and wear your classic choker in peace. Also, if you are the trend lover, you need not worry if chokers fall out of trend again .All you need to do is, keep that quality choker of yours in a safe box because I’m certain ,it would come back even bigger as a major trend .After all ,that’s fashion, it just recycles.


louis & laine





Bracelet cuffs are trendy ,stylish, stand out jewelry. This piece is also for the classic woman who is willing to make a statement .All you need do is wear the right style and voila! You are sure to rock and turn heads.





 Brooches are forever in style, it never fades .It a trendy- classic piece .So the trendy classic woman or man can rock the brooch. A brooch can change a simple outfit to a head turning outfit. A statement brooch is large in size and very detailed unlike normal brooches .It certainly draws a lot of attention and be sure to stand out in this jewelry piece. Statement brooches in form of flowers are now even used in weddings as bridal bouquets.



I hope you found a trend you can rock, all the best as you turn heads in this trendy jewelry pieces.


Photocredit: Ecstasy Models, Bisous Natasha, Style is My Thing, Pinterest