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5 DIY Lip Scrubs to Keep Your Lips Smooth This Harmattan – Jane Michael Ekanem
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5 DIY Lip Scrubs to Keep Your Lips Smooth This Harmattan


Harmattan is here, however late, and we welcome it with open arms and basically no choice in the matter. The tendency for our lips to get dry and chapped this season is the bane of our existence. Nothing is worse than lips that are chapped, dry and cracked; nothing.  Using a good lip chap or balm regularly throughout the day can help you with this, but sometimes it’s just best to exfoliate! Getting rid of that dry layer in a gentle, natural way will help your lips actually absorb the hydrating balm you’re putting on afterwards. There are plenty of great store bought lip scrubs that you can buy and they might even be all natural with a great smell or taste, just like the ones you can make at home, but why search for the kind you like all over town when you can just make that particular combination yourself in basically no time at all?


1. Tangerine brown sugar lip scrub


If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and pure, refreshing scent, then this tangerine brown sugar DIY scrub is the one for you. The brown sugar will ensure that your lips get the perfect level or gentle exfoliation while the tangerine essence makes it smell great and gives the sugar a better consistency for scrubbing with than just loose granules. Check it out on A Cozy Kitchen.

2. Coconut sugar lip scrub



Are you obsessed with coconut all the time, any time? We don’t blame you! Besides just plain coconut, our latest obsession is coconut oil, which makes the perfect mixing ingredient for all kinds of DIY beauty products. Lip scrubs are no exception! Nutrition Stripped shows you how to combine the two in good ratios to help keep your lips hydrated and healthy in dry weather.

3. Salt lip scrub

Salt-lip-scrub (2)

It might sound strange to rub salt on your lips, particularly given sayings like “rubbing salt into the womb”, but if you care for your lips with a salt scrub regularly, they won’t crack and your lips won’t feature any wounds to hurt! Many people prefer salt scrubs to sugar scrubs because the granules are usually smaller and finer, making them very gentle. Check out how Rouge Imaginaire made this scrub!

4. Homemade lime and honey lip scrub


Are you more of a citrus lover than a rich smell fan, but you still like it best when your lip scrubs smell and taste a little bit sweet? Then the combination of lime and honey is the perfect one for you! Those ingredients also make the scrub wonderfully antibacterial. See how to combine them perfectly on Petite Elefant.

5.  Edible fruit and sugar lip scrub


When you use a lip scrub that smells extra delicious, do you always find it hard to resist licking the sugary concoction off your lips before you’ve rinsed it off? Well, luckily with most DIY lip scrubs, they’re made of all natural ingredients and you actually can eat them. Not all of them are intended for it, so you might end up tasting mostly natural oils and sugar, but How Does She understands your urge to lick the sweetness off your lips so well that they’ve actually designed lip scrubs that are completely edible and tastes as delicious as they smell! 


Credits: Pinterest, DIYs