Please Help Save Emmanuel Ugolee From Chronic Kidney Disease


Hello Everyone, Happy Holidays!

A lot of pleas have been going on about Emmanuel Ugolee, host of The Gist, who has a Chronic Kidney Disease and I feel the need to lend a voice in plea to everyone. I happened to come across Emmanuel once recently at Linda Ikeji’s office; he was trying to release a book to raise money for his treatment and I could tell he isn’t one to solicit for support yet when we all are in over our heads, we have no choice but to ask for help.

I would also like to state that I am not a facilitator of the donations but like many well meaning public figures who have joined in asking for help for this young man, I am urging us to support him financially however little and also spread the word. Let us not let past experiences as regards our charity deter us from lending a helping hand. Fifty Million Nairs (N50M) is currently needed to give him a kidney transplant and I believe together we can make it happen.

You can visit  to make a donation

or make your donations directly to

Zenith Bank


Emmanuel Ugolee.


God bless you!


Photocredit: Instagram