Bringing Xmas Home: How To Create The Perfect Christmas-y Living Space


Call it a woman’s love for pretty spaces or anything you want, but the thought of decorating fills me with so much excitement. Sadly my partner does not like to decorate; he especially hates hanging with me as I decide which pieces to choose when we hit the stores, woman-craziness huh?

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of Christmas is to add some festive touches to your home or office space with different themes, colors and ideas in consideration of the structure of your space and already-existing themes. A tree is a major Christmas piece, but is not necessarily a must-have ; I have been to the stores and I have seen the prices people so I can say it is not a must this year – although when you get the perfect tree, you can recycle for years to come. 






If a tree isn’t for you this year, there are various alternatives to decorating such as the Christmas stockings (lets hope you have been good and Santa will leave something for you in it), strategically placed mock- or real- presents and ornaments.



You still have some time to choose ornaments and wreaths for your doors, the perfectly positioned mistletoe and other xmas-y pieces if you have not already begun decorating.

Christmas should all be about magic. What better way to welcome the holidays than focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a magical place of joy? 


Photocredit: Designrulz