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Travel Lust: 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Travel Lust: 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls


The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell there in, for He hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods” Psalm 24:1&2.

This scripture made a lot of sense to me when i discovered how many beautiful waterfalls the world has.I think I feel some tug of envy at the beauty of nature these countries possess, but if you are looking to get away soon and are a lover of  nature and its beauty, here are places you might want to go place to go.

Some of these waterfalls originate from rocks, or flow into a cave, so amazing they are when surrounded by flowers and trees that pictures do no justice. I believe guides are always on duty when the waterfall is made open for visitors, giving direction and caution to climbers, so if you have intentions of visiting, a guide is your best friend. Please listen to him, if he says it is getting dark even when u can see and feel the sun, please do take his word for it.

Waterfalls are no ordinary places,  purely natural , almost never altered; and although fountains can be fashion to depict these, waterfalls have a beauty that is second to none.



Iceland-Travel-15                                                       Scenic Waterfall, Iceland



                                                      Iguazu Falls, Brazil


The Seven Falls                                              

                                                        Seven Falls, Colorado


tumblr_nacb89YAAC1rnheglo1_r1_500                                                       Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland


Glacier-National-Park-Montana1nhgjkl;                                                       Glacier Park, Montana


crej                                                        Wattamolia Creek, Australia


Lower-Kanarra-Falls-Zion-National-park-Utah                                                       Lower Kannara Falls, Utah, USA


p'oiugyfktuy                                                       Ruby Falls, Tennesse


7470af61a6faaf77dce086ab4a85185b                                                       National Park, Yorkshire Dales


Screen-Shot-2014-10-01-at-3.13.37-PM                                                       Multnomah Falls, Oregon


QUESTION: Who put these steps in order, how and where does the water spring from, why is it so perfect?

ANSWER: Refer to first paragraph.

Photocredit:  Pinterest

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