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Home Bar Ideas Using Space-Savvy Designs – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Home Bar Ideas Using Space-Savvy Designs



Contemporary homes are all about incorporating every little detail that is to the taste of those who live in them. When it comes to creating a complete modern home that is perfect in every sense, a popular addition to that lineup which seems to be gaining momentum more than before is a cool home bar — they certainly seem like an appropriate upgrade to a home.

A good number of us are of the opinion that mini bars in the house are a superfluous luxury and while they might be luxurious, they hardly are superfluous as you can create a mini-bar to your budget and taste. 





Be it a mini flat, a duplex, condo or mansion there is always space for a bar. It a separate “chill spot” for friends or simple a place allocated to keeping fine wine and spirits

Shifting from the fun and chills basis of owning a mini bar to the “did you know” basis. Did you know that the mini bar is a good storage site for the “keep out of reach of children” products? So look at this, the mini bar serves the decorative purpose, the entertainment purpose and the protective purpose. There are some ideas to maximize space, as space is a major deterrent in our homes these days.






Photocredit: Interiorzine, Decoist, Designrulz



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