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Bathroom Decor: Making The ‘Best Room Of The House’ Even Better – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Bathroom Decor: Making The ‘Best Room Of The House’ Even Better



The bathroom is that one place where serenity can be assured in a home. In a house full of kids , full of cousins or friends with no where to hide,trust the bathroom to always come to the rescue and so should be treated nicely.




The bathroom takes in all your garbage, he keeps you away from the hutle and bustle,many life changing decisions are made in the bathrom, many ideas gotten in there too. The most appealing quality of the bathroom to me is it ability to turn your singing from an unbearabe noise to a sweet melody (in your ears only). The bahrrom has seen you in every state, just as you are , the bathroom is there for you when you need to cry. the bathroom is a good guy, and should be treated as such.

Irony of life; in most cases the bathroom gets the worst treatments of all the rooms in the house. Because you don’t spend eleven hours a day in it does not give you the right to treat it like trash. 






Unless your whole bathroom is a jacuzzi or a pool, It should be kept dry. A dry floor towel or mop should be made readily availale or use. After every use of the bathroom,every spill should be completely mopped up.A dry bathroom, smells fresh even without the help of air fresheners.

The last statement above should not stop you from employing the help of air-fresheners; lemon,lavender,rose.These are a bathroom’s best friend. Add flavour to the air.






Decorate the bathroom. Tiles (because paints in the bathroom are more difficult to maintain) do not only come in plain white,and this is not to say that plain white is such a terrible idea, but we have better options. Throw in color splashes, brightly colored towels, shower curtains, toothbush holder , soap dispensers and the likes.






Light it up.  Nothing as creepy and as unappealing as dark bathrooms.These lights do not cost much, trust me.




Finally, the magic of the bathroom .THE MIRROR. A mirror above the counter or sink gives an illusion of a bigger bathroom,Bounces off light and  reflects the colors around. Now That’s the magic.



Photcredits: Designrulz, Interiorzine

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