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How To Make Your Bed Like A Five-Star Hotel – Jane Michael Ekanem
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How To Make Your Bed Like A Five-Star Hotel



Growing up, doing chores was never my favorite sport. From dishes, to laundry, scrubbing to dusting, they were all the worst. But like they say,for every flaw, there are strengths. I always looked forward to the part where I’d make mum’s bed like an average Nigerian looks forward to the Jollof rice after the party. The punchline in the bed making was actually the way I’d put the four pillows in place. It was a beauty to behold.



                   Photocredit: Decoist

While away on a Church convention with my parents some years ago, we were lodged in a hotel. My first time lodging anywhere but my bedroom. I was eleven. It was a beautiful hotel, the lobby with its welcoming scents from maybe freshly plucked flowers or air-fresheners, I wasn’t sure at the time but it smelled good. It was all sunshine with a few clouds, until I got to my room (in the hotel of course).

Never had I before that evening felt a more voracious stream of envy rush through my stomach. As I beheld the bed at the center of the room, the arrangements of the pillows, and how much could be done with more pillows I told myself I was a learner(Amateur). I accepted the challenge, I was going to bring that beautiful arrangement home with me. Fast forward to present day here is how to bring that hotel bed arrangement to our very own personal bedrooms.



                   Photocredit: Interiozine


  • First thing to take note of; two- three pillows won’t support your dreams: In our homes we have the regular two- three bed pillows, for the lovers of cushion you may find four. This speaks for over half the population. But achieving the Royal bedroom look actually does require more pillows and this doesn’t cost much.

  • Secondly, pillows of different sizes and shapes are the first step to achieving success: The regular bed pillows, the rectangular and relatively soft are the standard pillows. Then there are the decorative pillows, usually in a square shape flatter and stronger than the standard pillows. Then comes in the boudoir pillows ; these come In a rectangular shape, a tad smaller than the decorative pillows. Cute little things. Then the neck roll, I like to call the “Royal sausage”. Shape like sausage and the reason your bed would look like it was made for royalty. For those of us who would want to go the extra mile, the European pillows and European shams will take us there.


                   Photocredit: Interiozine



                   Photocredit: Decoist


Varying colors/patterns work the magic. Well, monotony is English for boring when it comes to beds. plain, stripes, polka dots, hounds tooth , African prints, green , white , black , burgundy all allowed. There are no rules when it comes to the color combination, the blues go with the purples and burgundy with the browns. It’s art.

Duvets/ comforters are a plus. A necessary plus.



                 Photocredit: Interiozine



                  Photocredit: Interiozine



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