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The pleasures in life are many but like it is said, life is short. One of the best feelings ever is that which you get when you are where you want to be and doing just what you want. An opportunity to travel and see places, indulge in the finest of locations within your reach is just one of the few that will present itself. Oh just think about the food, the picturesque places, and the people! Travel buff Innocencia Mark-Uche shares her unique experiences with us and paints her love for exploring in amazing pictures.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am Innocencia Ezinne Mark-Uche. I was born in the city of Abuja. I’m almost 27 years old. I studied banking and finance in Tansian university in Anambra state, I’m a full time fashionista now. Traveling is my number one hobby. I’m really obsessed with fashion, art, philosophy, lifestyle and photography. I love to learn new interesting things. I am really easy going, playful and jovial.

When did you discover your love for travelling?

I discovered my love for traveling really early; when I was 11 years old. I remember I told myself I was going travel to virtually 15 interesting states in Nigeria before I graduated from school and I did. Though it was very challenging to travel without my parents but I went through it.


What are the best experiences you have encountered on your trips?
The best experience always is the ability to learn something new. I have always loved to learn and see new amazing things and cultures different from mine. It is always a joyful experience.

Have there been any downsides or unpleasant experiences in all of the time you have been a traveler?

Yes, there have been few downsides. Challenges getting visa approvals in Nigeria. And that’s actually the only downside I can think of right now.


How do you decide on a destination and how often do you travel?

I am most of the time on the internet, checking out nice places to see and trending new topics people want to know more about. I can’t say I travel often for now but would loved to.

Describe the perfect place you have been and why it resonates with you.

South Africa is still the perfect place I have been and I can’t stop reminiscing; the memories are beyond amazing. I was in Johannesburg for 3 days because it is like one of the best places to shop for really fashionable clothes and things in the world. And there were really nice restaurants and tourist activities. Then traveled to Capetown. I was there for 5 days because Capetown is so beautiful and has more tourist activities. And more.



Have your experiences travelling affected other areas of your life positively?

Yes. My traveling experiences have really affected every area of my life positively. It has made me more open to accepting people and things the way they are. And it gives me joy to see the unique way people live their lives and it works for them. Whenever I’m down I just think of my travel experiences and stay happy. This works for me all the time.

Are there any ways you would love to share your experiences with others?

Yes. Although I only share my experiences in pictures and some writings on Instagram for now, for the love of photography.


There are so many women trying to find time to chase their dreams and do what they really want, how do you manage to juggle career, family and find time for your love for traveling?

That’s true. I’m still finding a balance too but it is not so bad for now. Everything I do is very related. And I don’t spend more a week anytime I travel. And since traveling is my number one hobby, it is always amazing. Even when I’m away, I could still shop, take pictures and write and communicate with families, friend and people I work with. I’m blessed and grateful to be able to do this.

Are there any misconceptions about traveling people have that you would like to correct?

I think the only misconception about traveling I think should be corrected is just the way people think travelers are unstable people and that is not true.


Where are you excited about going to next and why?

There are quite a lot of places. But I would love go the China and Thailand because I think they have very interesting and unique locations. I will loved to learn some of their cultural activities and take amazing pictures. Really exciting.



Photocredits: Innocencia Mark-Uche. 

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