Fashion over time has become a lifestyle of creativity and flair. There are fashion lovers who have gradually and with hard work become fashion influencers. Celebrity stylist and fashion blogger Sharon Ojong is a key player in the fashion and entertainment industry in one of Africa’s major hubs, Lagos. She also chronicles her style and more on her eponymous website Here she answers our quick-fire questions.


The story of my evolution from fashion lover to fashion stylist started back in… my university days. I used to love putting together outfits for my friends before I even knew what the word fashion stylist meant.

The idea of launching a fashion website came to me… in 2008. (

Being a fashion and style blogger has influenced my career… in many ways I can’t type in one page.


If I could swap wardrobes with anyone in the world, it would be… Rihanna.

Juggling all aspects of my career and personal commitments can be… challenging and full of ups and downs but it has been worth it so far.

What takes up most of my closet space… Clothing and shoes


I would never be caught dead wearing… At this point of my life I would say
“never say never”.

The item(s) I am dying to splurge on… a piece from Trish O’ Couture “Rainbow Funky” collection.

Things people will be surprised to know about me… I’m very devoted and God-fearing.

The lessons I want fashion buffs to draw from my style… Fashion is not about how much you spend, or the number of clothes you have, it’s about knowing how to work with what you have, to create the look that you want.


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Photocredit: Sharon Ojong

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