REVAMP YOUR STYLE SEASON 1, EPISODE 1 My rating: 4 out of 5

Created by: Jane Michael Ekanem

Modified by: Nanya Konwea


If you are like many women out there then one major thing you spend money on is clothing; and if you are relatively or uber stylish, you are probably saying to yourself ‘I deserve a new dress and some shoes will be nice too.’ Here’s the thing tho, your budget can’t stretch any further to squeeze in a new outfit. There’s some serious cash crunch round town, but a lady’s gotta glam up innit?


Revamp Your Style is a Jane Michael Ekanem initiative, putting forward ideas on how to re-create your old clothing items; saving you some bucks and solving your wardrobe problem especially with money being so tight these days. With some major skills, precise imagination and tricks of the trade, the celebrity fashion stylist shows with weekly tutorial sessions how to make the most out of clothes that are so last era.


Every month we have guests on the show who are fashion influencers with an ardent appreciation for style, bring clothing items or accessories they aren’t ready to part with, to have the items given a facelift.

We are super excited to have our celebrity guest Liz Osho, Online Editor for Genevieve Magazine, media presenter, entrepreneur, wife and all round amazing woman on the maiden episode of the show. It was such a fun time snipping, shaping and recreating.





Revamp Your Style demonstrates that as fashionistas do not have to make do, but simply create again out of what was. We are problem solvers, so if your bank account can’t get you some new clothes, we’ll show you how to make some!


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