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Dressing your Windows – Jane Michael Ekanem
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Dressing your Windows

INTERIOR DECORATION: Curtains and blinds


Choosing an item that is a constant feature in a home, from furniture to centerpieces has gone from being about functionality to channeling an expression of the home owner. Interior decoration has sure evolved from colors and expensive staples to a science of understanding people’s personalities and emotions, helping them furnish a functional space within a building.


It would seem that employing the help of interior designers and/ or decorators may be the safe thing to do, yes? Well, not always. While interior designers may DECORATE, interior decorators do not DESIGN; and instead of pondering the suitability of one or the other, now is a great time to infuse some creativity of your very own into your living space.


Like paint, curtains and blinds can make a dramatic change in a room. Both are important makeover accessories that not only add color and modify the room temperature and energy efficiency of your home but also add softness, depth and significant value to the atmosphere. Asides a conflict of personal tastes, it can be a tough choice determining which to pick, curtains or blinds, or settle for both.


The Functionality




  • Curtains have been used for centuries for their luxurious looks and materials, coming in every kind of style, solids or patterns, casual or formal, of different materials and size.
  • Sheer curtains are almost purely decorative. A great way to add soft, subtle style to a room, this wispy choice offers little in terms of privacy yet still allows for natural light to penetrate.
  • Fabric panels are the heavy curtains, usually to block almost all light when completely closed and create as much privacy as needed. Long drapes of fabric that hang from rods are a timeless choice that gives a room softness and height when suspended from ceiling to floor. 






  • Blinds have become a viable stylish window dressing choice for their functionality, flexibility, economic pricing and ability to add structure to a room, be it an office space or a home (bachelor pads favor this, can’t tell you why though).
  • The Vertical and Horizontal blinds are the well-known options, one pulls to the side for the full light effect and the other opens up in between panels letting light seep from the lines.
  • Roman shadesare an elegant choice constructed of fabric and a pulley mechanism – they fold up to bring in light and down to add privacy and can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. 


The Styling tips



  • Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. As a rule, you’ll need to leave an inch for access, but that’s it.
  • A creative combination is most welcome. You can have both blinds and curtainsIt’s all a question of how tailored you want your space to be, because less more is well, more; more depth, softness, pattern, and texture to your windows.
  • Curtain length is a matter of personal preference.Some people favor a puddle; but if you ask me, having your curtains just kiss the floor creates a cleaner look.
  • If you’re buying ready-made curtain panels, buy the longest ones you can. Trust me; it’s easier to simply take some inches off than pondering how to add on.
  • A one-inch wide curtain rod is perfect.As for as tiny details go, a simple look is classic.
  • Make sure your curtains and/or complement the rest of your furniture. They could be the star or feature in a supporting role.


   The Care


  • Keeping your window dressing clean is an essential part of styling.
  • A quick dust of your curtains will help remove any dust build up on the material, but you should wash every 1-3 months
  • Clean your blinds at least once a month to prevent the growth of mould and to remove any marks. You should also wash at least once a month and replace if mould is detected especially in your kitchen.



Eclectic decor comprises of heterogeneous elements –a mixture of texture, time, periods, styles trend and color. It’s important that you understand how to mix both old and new stuff to create warmth and a sense of identity in your home.

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