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ECLECTIC DESIGN – Jane Michael Ekanem
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ECLECTIC DESIGN My rating: 4.5 out of 5


Created by: Jane Michael Ekanem

Modified by: Nanya Konwea




Ever stepped into a person’s home looked around and thought – at first – ‘oh goodness, this is…’ and after you have settled in with a glass of wine and maybe been given a tour of the place, you realize the style choice and layout of the home does come together rather nicely and even refreshingly different. Eclectic is a popular term in interior design heaven that simple depicts elements and styles form different periods and origins within a single project. These pieces when artfully put together look tasteful and deliberate, with every item having a unique connection in some way with other parts of the room.


An eclectic home mixes family treasures and found items to create a one-of-a-kind personalized space. You can effortlessly combine vintage wallpaper, modern art, and a traditional chesterfield sofa all in the same space. Eclectic style doesn’t play by the rules, which makes it beautiful because you can create a look nobody can imitate, uniquely yours.




Indoor eclectic home décor is a theme that is perfectly suited to those who are spontaneous and creative individuals. Despite the creative spontaneity of eclecticism, different design elements must be chosen carefully otherwise rooms can look chaotic and unattractive. Basically, the décor should broadcast your confidence in your own style and still adhere to the fundamentals of good design.




It’s a good idea to mix up pieces in every room, like complementing shiny objects with matte surfaced objects or wooden and metal objects; else your house could easily look like a furniture store.





When deciding on what to purchase for the outer space of your house, one crucial point is to avoid overcrowding the available space. When you’re looking at accessories keep in mind the overall theme & style of the garden, balcony or verandah ensuring your decorating idea reflects them.



Of course you should consider pieces that can easily withstand weather elements or create a shield , nothing says you can’t manipulate your natural surroundings to your creative advantage.



Decorating any space in eclectic style does not mean that the connection, which brings the harmony to the whole design, should make the look of such space boring. Ensure that the finish is smooth, as finish plays a role of a link in any particular art style, giving the last dot to the creation.

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