How to make a cold salad breakfast in less than 5 mins

How to make a cold salad breakfast in less than 5 mins My rating: 4 out of 5

Created by: Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun

Modified by: Nanya Konwea



The usual way to go with breakfasts are tea and toast, sometimes with a boiled egg for protein; or if you are from these parts, good ol’ rice. For those who are worried about packing on calories, they try to skip breakfast altogether – not really the best idea. But salad for breakfast?

Salads are not restricted to a bowl of leafy greens; it still could be tasty while adding to your nutritional intake. We all hardly get enough veggies in a full day’s meal, so having a salad right at the start of your day would be of benefit. Although I can’t imagine this being my regular breakfast all year round, it would make good for some rotation. You can start off with a quick meal of avocado, tomato, cucumber, pepper and olive oil as Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun (@ayovanelmar) shows in this episode.

  • Avocados as a regular lowers the level of harmful cholesterol, Rich in monounsaturated fats, fiber and plant sterols, it would add flavor to your salad.
  • Cucumber keeps you hydrated, helps you lose weight, fights internal and external heat and flushes toxins among its many benefits.
  • Tomato and peppers are good antioxidants, great way to heap on the B6 and folates too!
  • Olive oil; do I have to tell you how great it is for your skin and general wellbeing? I’m sure you know already. It’s a secret weapon against diabetes, pain, weight loss and general longevity.

If you in an exceptional veggie mood, there are other things you could add to your salad to make a sumptuous meal and with a little pizzazz, healthy eating would never have seemed so palatable.





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