How to choose the right canned food

How to choose the right canned food My rating: 4 out of 5

Created by: Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun (@ayovanelmer)

Modified by: Nanya Konwea



Canned foods can be total life savers, they help your meals come together, or even create the foundation for your cooking; I’m talking tin tomatoes, sardines, processed banga (palm kernel), beans, corn and a host of other good stuff. These processed foods are difficult to avoid especially in warm climates and always come in handy. The advantage of tinned food (processed food) over fresh foods is that they are quick to make and easy to come by, they also do not go off so quickly and have a longer shelf life.

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun shows us in this episode of Eat Right Africa how to pick certain types of tuna, with consideration of other additives and how great they can turn out in a meal in so many ways if you aren’t a vegetarian, and whether you are on a diet or not.. The major principle in picking canned food as with any other processed food or drink is simple – be observant!

Always check food containers for:

  • Swelling and/or leakage
  • Rust and scratches
  • Broken tamper-evident seals
  • Dented or damaged containers
  • Damaged seams
  • Date markings – manufacture and expiry dates
  • Additives and extras

Thinking of how to make some meal and can lift a muscle to head to the market, pop open a can!









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