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IDEAL BODY WEIGHT – Jane Michael Ekanem
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IDEAL BODY WEIGHT My rating: 4 out of 5

Created by: Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun (@ayovanelmar)

Modified by: Nanya Konwea



A lot of times when people see you after a long intermission, pleasantries exchanged would more likely than not include comments about your weight. For some people this would make them uncomfortable, I’ve never been as full figured as my family would like *side eye*

There’s a lot to consider when deciding weight matters, there’s the body frame, BMI, bone mass and genetics. The concept of the numbers is a weird thing really; people would think you are a ‘healthy weight’ because the numbers sound good; 100 lbs would sound like ‘fat’ to some and ‘ideal’ to others.

There is a good reason why I’d advice people to avoid getting so wrapped up in the numbers, because they are deceiving. What if you get to your ‘goal weight’ and don’t look the way you want? Then what?

Eat Right Africa with Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun helps you understand how to make the right nutrition choices if you would want to lose some, gain some or maintain what you’ve got. While at it, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing your weight well – slender, full figured or plus size – and looking glam too!







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